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Cindy Tonkin

Coach Trainer Facilitator Author, Professional Training & Coaching

I'm Cindy Tonkin I make Data Science Consulting teams faster, smarter and nicer.

Cindy Tonkin's Bio:

Cindy Tonkin is a best-selling author, coach, facilitator and trainer. They call her the consultants’ consultant! Specifically she works with Data science and Analytics consulting teams. She helps them work smarter, faster and "nicer". Her consultancy career began in 1986 at Accenture. More than 100 companies have used her services since she founded her own consultancy in 1992. In this century 100% of her work has been repeat or referral. So her clients like what she does! She has written 18 books on consulting and related fields. She has worked with data and insight teams at Commonwealth Bank, National Australia Bank, Suncorp, Telstra and Business Minds. Cindy's clients face three big problems. Trying to do more with less Working with hard-to-manage geniuses who sometimes feel more like a liability than an asset Keeping their stakeholders (and their boss) happy If you too have these problems then you should talk to Cindy. Together you can do these 3 things: Measure – how much better things could be (could you save 20% of 40% of their time if they worked differently?) Focus – where you're headed, find out what’s important and what really isn’t, and make sure everyone knows which is which Build acumen – fill knowledge gaps, listen to customers, say no nicely when you need to manage scope and do what's important. manage up and be easier to manage themselves Please contact Cindy to schedule a time for her to call you, or pick up the phone and call her mobile now + 61 412 135 426

Cindy Tonkin's Experience:

  • Consultant, Trainer and Coach at Consultants' Consultant

    Building analytics capability through soft skills for Data Science and Analytics teams. Reduce the cost of rework, poor briefs and dumb political decisions. Get your consultants solving the right problems for the right reasons. Show them how to make a no feel like a yes so they can manage scope creep and unreasonable customer challenges with elegance. Make them easier to manage, and better able to manage their own teams and stakeholders.

  • Board - Chair at What's on Downunder

    What's on Downunder and What's on Sydney set up a board to determine its future and whether or not it should be set up as a not-for-profit.

  • Trainers' trainer and Client Project Manager at Workplace Australia Group (WAG)

    Training trainers. Managing trainers and clients. Overseeing training program design and scheduling.

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainer at Inform Training and Research

    Public and Corporate Training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming for Sales people, Marketers, Health Practitioners, Leaders and Consultants

  • Management Consultant at GPR Dehler

    Productivity improvement at insurance companies and banks. And for good measure an alumina smelter a ferro-alloy smelter, a tyre manufacturer and an air-conditioning manufacturer. Ran classroom training in productivity concepts. Made change on the floor. Managed other consultants.

  • IT Consultant at Accenture

    Full "green book" training in COBOL and financial concepts, in Sydney and in Chicago. Client was a major Australian bank.

Cindy Tonkin's Education:

  • The Influencer Project

    Marketing and Sales
    Concentration: Marketing and Sales
  • Why Should Anyone be Led by You?

    Concentration: Leadership training
    Activities: Leadership program for high potential leaders, drawing on research from Goffee and Jones
  • Dent / Key Person of Influence

    Concentration: Marketing
  • Million Dollar Coach

    Concentration: Marketing
  • iO Theater Chicago

    Summer Improv Intensive, 2008, 2011, 2016
    Concentration: Improvisation for presentations; thinking on your feet
  • Business Blueprint

    Concentration: Marketing
  • INLPTA Neuro-Linguistic Programming Trainers Certification

    Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Master) Trainer
    Concentration: NLP
  • Inform Training and Research

    NLP Trainer
    Concentration: NLP
  • Universite de Paris VIII (Vincennes a Saint-Denis)

    Concentration: Linguistics
  • University of Sydney

    BA First Class Hons
    Concentration: French, Japanese, Linguistics

Cindy Tonkin's Interests & Activities:

NLP, Neuro-leadership, consulting skills, thinking on your feet, making that no sound like a yes, data scientist consulting teams, get data science teams to work smarter, faster and nicer, soft skills for technical people, artist's books, mixed media artworks, collage, improvisation, theatre, comedy

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